Red Nexus 5 from Sprint will be Out on February 4

red nexus 5

A new Sprint Droid variant, in the form of the red Nexus 5 is coming to stores on February 4th.

Old rumors have stated that new color variants of the Nexus 5 will be coming this year. Then, later reports have proven that the speculations were untrue. However, a red version of the Nexus 5 was never ruled out.

Recently, we were able to confirm that the red Nexus 5 indeed exists through an announcement from Sprint. Apparently, Sprint has announced the launching of the device very early to prepare its employees for its big launch, so as not to replicate the issues that they encountered when they were about to roll out the Nexus 5.

The red Nexus 5 is perfectly timed for the love month so it is expected to receive a warm welcome from buyers when it comes out.

Source: Android Police

Where to Get LG Coupons to Avail Discounts

lg coupons

If you are looking to get absolute savings the next time you buy a Smartphone or any electronic devices, better keep an eye out for LG Coupons that will let you unlock discounts or even freebies at the take out cart of LG’s online store and other participating merchants in the Internet.

Based on experience, here are the top three sites I can recommend (aside from the website of LG) which will let you avail coupons and codes that you can use to get discounts on your electronic item purchases at LG:


The RetailMeNot website is by far the most reliable for me since it has a high success rate and it has a feedback system that will let you see how others who tried its codes and coupons fared. This way you can save time because you can easily distinguish which codes are still working, expired or bogus.

This website has a high success rate too because it is updated regularly but its lack of feedback system will give you a little trouble sorting out the working codes from the expired or fake ones.

The name itself says it all. However, despite having a good feedback system, many of the codes are not updated. Then again, you can find many codes here that the two sites above do not offer.

Updating Nexus Devices Using the ADB Sideload Android Terminal Command

android terminal command

If you hate waiting just to update your Nexus device, there is an easy way to trigger it manually. This can easily be accomplished by entering the ADB sideload Android terminal command according to a post in AndroidCentral.

Here are the steps that you should do to trigger updates in your Nexus device using an Android terminal command:

  • Download the update from a reliable source then save it to your computer. Remember not to unzip the folder that came with it.
  • Connect your Smartphone to your computer using the USB cable.
  • Enter Recovery Mode.
  • Select “apply update from ADB”.
  • Use any of the Android terminal command that you are familiar with like the ADB push command, pull command, devices command and others.
  • In the command line, type “adb sideload”. The “xxxxxxxx” variable correspond to the filename of the zipped file you have downloaded.
  • The last process will be automated so all you have to do is wait for it to finish.

Source: AndroidCentral

Saxby Chamblish Joins the Peanut Hall of Fame

Several members of the Georgia Peanut Hall of Fame have previously been inducted and the sequence seems to continue. Saxby Chamliss is the recent one to be inducted into the commission. He becomes the fifth person to face the Georgia Peanut Commission Hall of Fame.


The officials of the commission say that he was selected for having contributed to the success of the peanut industry and also in its cultivation for a very long time.

This has been seen as a great honour and respect one can get from the industry.

President Jimmy Carter is another inductee who has been chosen previously together with Senator Herman Talmage and many others.


US Army Helicopter Crashes

A US army helicopter commonly referred to as the black hawk has crushed in Georgia, according to the army spokesman. The helicopter was trying to make a landing at Savannah when it crushed.


One member of the army died on the spot and two others suffered injuries during the incident. Major Allen Hill said that the helicopter was making a hard landing while on routine training on Wednesday. Those who died and those who were injured were however not named immediately.

The crew has been ascertained to belong to the Special Forces trained to follow the enemy at night. This is second incident happening after one on 8th in Virginia which killed three people.


Save Up to $200 on Appliances with Best Buy Rebates Program

best buy rebates

To reduce carbon emissions and encourage the use of energy-saving appliances, the government is providing incentives in the form of rebate program when buying appliances that qualify for such.

With the tight economy these days, you should always take advantage of money-saving schemes that the government and companies offer. One way to add up to your savings is by availing of programs such as the Best Buy rebates.

Depending on your state, Best Buy rebates offer as much as $200 incentives. All you have to do is supply the necessary forms to its authorized branch as you purchase appliances.

To shop around for the item which offers the best rebate, you can visit Best Buy’s Rebate Finder tool which is available in its website or other comparison tools online.

Georgia Ranking

Of the 50 US states, Georgia has been ranked as number 28 healthy states. The research conducted by George Mason University released and conducted results based on a number of factors.


Some of the factors that were considered include the cash solvency, budget solvency, long run solvency and service level solvency.

The fiscal study was conducted with the aim of assessing every state’s ability to run and manage itself. The data used was obtained from the 2012 financial reports from every state.

Georgia being in the middle in health implies it is not doing so well and neither is it so bad, it remains to be seen whether this will change in the years to come.


More People Now Prefer to Study How to Develop Apps

develop apps for apple and android

With over 700,000 applications now offered in the Google Play store and more than one million in App Store, more people are now inclined on training how to develop apps for mobile devices.

But what drives them to this profession? Based on The Droid Guy, it is a short cut to fame, respect and money plus a chance to reach out to millions of users around the globe.

On the subject of making money on developing apps, Apple alone has paid a total of $5 billion alone for its developers last year according to Forbes. On the other hand, Android has provided $900 million to its own developers over last year added the report. By 2015, the mobile app industry is seen to value more than $35 billion mentioned a separate report from The Droid Guy.

Sources: The Droid Guy, Forbes